Jessica Garner


Jessica GarnerJessica Garner was raised in Denver, Colorado and moved to Phoenix, Arizona her freshman year of high school. Since she moved, she has fallen in love with the City of Phoenix and has since attended college at Arizona State University. In 2016 she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology. While studying Criminal Justice, Jessica’s desire to learn expanded to many topics of study. While in school Jessica focused her spare time on independently researching psychology and law.

After graduating from Arizona State University she began working for Chris Doran, Esq. at DuMond & Doran, PLLC. While working as a paralegal for Chris she has had the opportunity to work closely with clients, listening to their stories and understanding their perspective. Jessica believes that every person has a purpose and a story to tell. The work that she has been able to complete at DuMond & Doran, PLLC allows her to listen to the lives of those who have never been heard, and communicate the most important parts of their lives to those who need to listen the most.

When not working during the week, Jessica enjoys watching Game of Thrones and going to concerts at the Ak Chin Pavillion. She has just recently started studying for the LSATs and hopes to attend law school at Sandra day O’Conner College of Law, while continuing to work for DuMond & Doran, PLLC.